Our Mission

Our primary goal is to collect donations that will enable Eric to be treated by surgeons, oncologists and radiologists most familiar with this rare cancer. As this is not possible in Canada, we will be traveling to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

As research indicates that aggressive surgery is the most effective course of treatment for FHC, we are consulting with Dr. Vauthey, a world renowned oncological surgeon who is familiar with (and has expertise in) FHC.

Having reviewed Eric’s medical reports, scans and pathology, Dr. Vauthey is optimistic that he can treat Eric.

Because this is an out-of-country service, and not a treatment OHIP would necessarily cover, we are appealing to our family and friends for help.

Our secondary goal is to create awareness for this rare cancer. As Fibrolamellar is not one of the more ‘popular’ cancers, there is little support, media attention, research and (until recently) no clinical trials. Therefore, there is no standard chemotherapy regimen.

And so, while assistance in affording Eric’s treatment in Texas is our priority, we also greatly appreciate those who take the time to learn about FHC – as well as those who have offered support and prayers.


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