Thank You

We’ve done it!! Phase one of Eric’s Fight has been accomplished! Thanks to your generous donations, we have raised enough to write the $32,889 check for Eric’s consultation at MD Anderson! We are all moved beyond belief by the outpouring of love and support. Please check the blog for updates from Texas.

*Update – as of February 1st, approximately $45,000 has been raised!!! The balance (minus the consultation fee) is in the bank – and will be used towards Eric’s chemo treatment (if not entirely covered by OHIP) and the tests (bloodwork, EKG, MRI etc.) to be done when we go back to MD Anderson (tentatively set for March)

A huge thank you to Lyndsay Walker from Digital Always Media – for generously donating her time in assisting with the more challenging aspects of coding this site.

*Update – November 7th, 2012. After a small balance owing is paid to MD Anderson and the account is closed –  I will post the amount of the check being donated to in Eric’s name. At this time, I will also blog a bit more about this great non profit charity and it’s work.

Thank you
*Team Eric*

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This event was a smashing success! A great night for a great cause. Over $11,000 was raised! Click on the ticket/link above for photos.

Thanks so much!
*Team Eric*
St Anne's Catholic School (where Eric attended - and his younger siblings and step siblings still attend) held a staff pasta fundraiser. With Mr. Maringola acting as chef for the noon hour and many staff members contributing donations and food, $455.00 was raised.
Thanks St Anne's!

Cardinal Leger; staff, students and Father Terry did an incredible job fundraising. With raffle tickets and bracelets etc. we were astounded when presented with a check for $12,000. Bless you!

Thanks to Tia, Maria - and everyone involved, including sponsor Her Worship Mayor Susan Fennell! The Fight for Eric Aerobathon, on March 4th, raised over $4,700! Thank you!!

Eric's cousin Lourdes held a fundraising buffet on Sunday February 5th at the Algarv Restaurant in Kitchener. Over $2,400 was raised.
Thank you Lourdes - and everyone who participated!

Thanks Denise! The Garage/Bake sale held on June 16th raised over $1,400 for Team Eric! Thanks to everyone who donated - and those who came out to buy.

Jessica Nugent
Mr. Andrew C Young
Devyn Venneman
Civilian Printing
Donna Efhan
sean kaye
Noah Endale
victoria benson
Katerina Alexander
Mathieu Harbec
Arman Nejati
Rosana Hermann
karizma Defreitas-Barnes
Sarah Woolverton
sergio oliveira
Klara Latif
Samantha Oliveira
Mike Marchelletta
Joseph Coniglione
Matthew Freire, Mississauga, ON
Alec Ingleton, South Wales, Australia
Gia Pereira, Brampton, ON
Fiona Wight, Brampton, ON
Brian Burton, Milton, ON
Carm Palermo, Toronto, ON
Brittany Peixoto, Cambridge, ON
Niki Hogan, London, ON
Viki Carayannis, Kitchener, ON
debbie stokes, North Vancouver, BC
Lindsay McArthur, Bellingham, WA
Jamie Lefkovics, Waterloo, ON
Stacey Clarke, Brampton, ON
Daniel Nica
Sabrina Costa
Derek Wong
Kristie Ellsworth
Faraz Sayal
Janet Harris
Renata DeSimone
Carl Said, Brampton, ON
Ryan Luis, Brampton, ON
Javier Caraballo, Brampton, ON
andrea tomasek, Trenton, ON
irene mouskos, Cyprus
Suzette Jeffers, Oakville, ON
Jodi Norris, Kingston, ON
Kathleen Reilly, Oshawa, ON
Raechel Leite
Angela Filipowich
Hayley p
Alan Stevenson
Michael Laurence
Chad Quenneville
Melissa Lynn
Stacey Quintilian
Vadim Finkel
Crystal Campbell
Starr Ricchio
Matt Bonnici
Blenda Wade
Rosemary Mangal
Angela Rende
Vanessa Lewis
Rafaela Righi
Marion Schless, Koln, Germany
Denise Seeley, Brampton, ON
Julija Maksimowicz, Mississauga, ON
Robyn Brennan, Brampton, ON
Michelle Chapman, Brampton, ON
Danielle Walker
Carson Cheeseman
Aida Filo, Mississauga, ON
Emily Stephen, Guelph, ON
melissa boutin, Toronto, ON
katie clark, Toronto, ON
Erica Jeffrey, Orangeville, ON
Daron Rusjan, Vancouver, BC
Aida Filo, Mississauga, ON
Laura Dunlop, Calgary, AB
Bruno Polewski, Ancaster, ON
Andrea Ennis, Ajax, ON
Deanna Mazur, Vancouver, BC
Leah Habinski, Sioux Lookout, ON
GARY WIDMEYER, Mississauga, ON
Jorge Lima, Brampton, ON
martina daniela, Brampton, ON
Chantal Fernandez, Brampton, ON
Maria Benson - in memory of Almerinda Pereira
Maria Benson - in memory of Caetano Pereira
Dilys Harrell, Santa Barbara, CA
Dwight Haber, Brampton, ON
JAY SCHRADER, San Francisco, CA
Irma Maas, Brampton, ON
Nalim Gerrard
Bill & Luba Romanow, Toronto, ON
Cathy Marques, Cambridge, ON
Justine Rego, Brampton, ON
Alvin Abawan, Brampton, ON
Victoria Bridge, Haslet, Texas
Marco Cornacchione, Richmond Hill, ON
Mike Wallis, Toronto, ON
Natalie Geraci, Brampton, ON
Maria Benson, Brampton, ON - in memory of Maria Pereira
Sharla Finn, Peterborough, ON
Claudia Nucci, Mississauga, ON
Meghan Mamlak, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA
Nancy Law, Carp, ON
Rose Bauer, Algonquin, IL, USA
Katherine Gayman, Mississauga, ON
Ann Allchin, Toronto, ON
Gina Brunetta, Toronto, ON
Margie Winstone, Brampton, ON
jeff modrowski
Sandy Kruse
ashley thomas
Monika McComiskey
Simon and Siobhan Bowden
Madeleine O'Loghlin
Erin Coyle
Deborah Young
Susan Love
Carl Gonsalves
Alison Fernandez
calvin dsilva
Suzanna Heitman
daniela melro, Brampton, ON
Amy Brown, Waterdown, ON
Lawrence Uhlin, Victoria, BC
Amanda Cordeiro, Brampton, ON
Tiago Melro, Brampton, ON
Ella Lech, Mississauga, ON
kimberly da costa
Kathryn Kula
Jessica Freitas
Jennifer Blake
Rony Geadah, Toronto, ON
Angelique Prada, Scarborough, ON
Laura Prada, Cambridge, ON
Amanda Sousa, Brampton, ON
Alanna Reid
Suzanne Venasse
Eric Lundsted
Jeff Pontes
virginia mees
Dean Richards
Nicki Calzetta
Jacqueline Payne
Ruth Wimmer, Mississauga, ON
Michelle Epstein, Toronto, ON
Lucie Roy, Brampton, ON
Daniela Balsamo, Toronto, ON
brandon Da Camara, Brampton, ON
Mike Mourtos, Ottawa, ON
Matt Gagne
Alison Fernandez, Brampton, ON
Jane Millar, Mississauga, ON
Mario Brown, Milton, ON
Quoc Nien La, New Westminster, BC
Pamela Dodaro, Oakville, ON
Mary Clare Stella, Toronto, ON
Donna & Robert Graham
Catherine Wing Yee Lai & Kwok King Fung
Stephanie Menchions, Mississauga, ON
Mislava Baric, Milton, ON
Shelley Rosen, Oakville, ON
Linda DeWilde, Middle Island, NY
Julie Peat & Jeannita Allain, Brampton, ON
Jacqui Mottus, Edmonton, AB
Olga Russu, Toronto, ON
Mark Gorelik, Mississauga, ON
Rita & Adolf Kasper, Barrie, ON
Mark Ashley
Christa Nebel, Mississauga, ON
Meghan Mamlak, Chestnut Hill, MA
Megan Henry, Brampton, ON
Marie Correia, Brampton, ON
Brandon Moita, Brampton, ON
Julie Dick, Bolton, ON
Patty Whalen-Perry, Brampton, ON
Sarah Elliott, Toronto, ON
Belinda Mulford, Toronto, ON
kimberley Harkness, West Minster, BC
Sylvia Nguyen, Brampton, ON
Rachelle Gregory, Toronto, ON
Christopher Esposito, Mississauga, ON
Steve & Lisa McGregor - in memory of Lionel McGregor, Brampton, ON
Tony & Teresa Lavorato, Toronto, ON
Paul & Margaret Pagniello, Mississauga, ON
Hilda Bianchi, Mississauga, ON
Maria Benson, Brampton, ON
Karen Bailey, Toronto, ON

Mia Poscente
Peter Nodwell
Mary Jean Lawrence
Cindy Thomas
Barb Holmes, Caledon, ON
Lynn Gatto, Toronto, ON
Wayne Prada, Woodbridge, ON
Claire Gill
Liana Santarossa
Marcio Fenelon dos Anjos
Caroline Archer
Lynn Caskie, Mississauga, ON
Barry Wyner, Burlington, ON
Amlita Prashad, Toronto, ON
Francesco Lecoche, Toronto, ON
B Katherine Zandbergen
Nadine Prada
cassilda costa, Brampton, ON
Heather Riley
Michael Gaid
Peter Weil
Laura Szarga
David Coulter
Andrew Phillips
Maria Benson
Daniel Santarossa, Brampton, ON
Ken Shaw, Mississauga, ON
Alexander Torrance, Lethbridge, AB
Don Towner, New West Minister, BC
Kent Markle, Missisauga, ON
Louis Triantafillou
Paul and Brenda Nevado,Toronto, ON
Norm Gilley, Jane Scade; Sunworthy, Brampton

anne mcgown, Brampton ON
Valerie Heximer
Grant Garrett, Georgetown, ON
Maria Aguiar, Caledon, ON
Gary Mooney
Laini Poldrugovac, Mississauga, ON
Tavnit Randhawa, Brampton, ON
Katie Wojcik, Brampton, ON
Manpreet Giddhe, Brampton, ON
Brian & Butool Milne, Richmond Hill, ON
Criselda Obnamia, Brampton, ON
Douglas Eaton, Toronto, ON
Lisa Lynch, Bolton, ON
Grant Thomson, Acton, ON
Darren Ablett, Toronto, ON
Anthea Chatterton, Surrey, BC
Jeff Seguin, Windsor, ON
Cigar Studio
Maureen Shannon, Acton, ON
Frankie Kim, Edmonton, AB
Hanna Boes, Oshawa, ON
Marilyn from Alcon
Jason Ponick, Toronto, ON
Kristin Morriss, Mississauga, ON
Amy-Leigh Wood, Brampton, ON
TD Bank - Countryside Drive & Airport Rd, Brampton, ON
Adolf Duddeck, Mississauga, ON
Gunther Bell, Scarborough, ON
Cesar Ferreira, Fenwick, ON
Lucy La Vigna, Caledon, ON
Chad Reid, Toronto, ON
Mr. T. Quinlan, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
Larry Citrullo, Toronto, ON
Kurt Stoehr & Anneliese Kaufman, Burlington, ON
Jeff & Becki Falardeau, Welland, ON
Lynda & Nathan Campbell, Wiarton, ON
Connect Logistics, Mississauga, ON
Diane Brennan, Tottenham, ON
Rudolf Mclean, Toronto, ON
Paul Bickerton, Mississauga, ON
Matt Tymoshuk, Caledon, ON
Terry & Susan Galay, Brampton,ON
steve oliveira, Mississauga, ON
Julie & Jamie Lawrie, Marisa & Marcella Benedetti, Toronto, ON
Del Pilar Family, Brampton, ON
Starkey Labs, Mississauga, ON
Kurt & Maria Garbotz, Fergus, ON
Helen Carey, Brampton, ON
Lauretta Till, Newmarket, ON
Lawson Products, Mississauga, ON
Carolan & Michael Melady, Toronto, ON
Azad & Neeshah Mohammed, Brampton, ON
Kelly Baker, Toronto, ON
Paul Martin
john cocomile, Toronto, ON
Peter Baker, Brampton, ON
Margie Winstone, Brampton, ON
Peter Loerke, Brampton, ON
TONEY BUNYAN, Mississauga, ON
Paul Shaw
Amanda Belvedere, Toronto, ON
Quinn Stoneburgh, Mississauga, ON
Mary Fox, Mississauga, ON
Lauren Gagne
Peter Loerke
Sheri Wallace, Mississauga, ON
Allison Mahoney, Oakville, ON
Michelle Caruana
Ruby Van Egten
Andrew Kuyper, Burlington, ON
Daniel Mantella, Toronto, ON
Deidre Brown, Oshawa, ON
Salim Naran
Tavnit Randhawa, Brampton, ON
Doreen Edgar, Milton, ON
Culmone & Associates - John Culmone, Toronto, ON
Noreen & Willi Cichuttek, Mississauga, ON
Robert Hassy, Germany
Helga, Robert & Larry Adlon, Brampton, ON
Carling Robertson, Toronto, ON
Nicolle MacNeil, Toronto, ON
Lisa Roberti, Glen Williams, ON
Caroline Porterfield, Aberdeen, UK
Hanson Family - in memory of Ed Hanson, Toronto, ON
Elvina Kang, North York, ON
William Trojan, Toronto, ON
Bruce Wallace, Acton, ON
Scott & Lisa Wallace, Cambridge, ON
Kennedy Shaw, Toronto, ON
Maria Botelho, Brampton, ON
Alicia Stempien, Mississauga, ON
Herbert Weber
St. Anne Catholic School, Brampton, ON
St. Anne Silent Auction, Brampton, ON
Tracey Okolisan, Toronto, ON
Isis Fertility Clinic
Trillium Masonry Group Inc., Caledon, ON
PAULA OLIVEIRA, Caledon, ON (video dance party)
Wilson, White, Higgins, Dickson Families, Belfast N. Ireland

David Porterfield, Port Credit, ON
Mark Wolle, Waterloo, ON
Bradley Kothlow, Port Coquitlam, BC
Rhonda & Dean Hayhoe, Schomberg, ON
Amy Bruyea, Shanty Bay, ON
Sharon Fitzpatrick, Bowmanville, ON
Eadie Kothlow, Port Coquitlam , BC
Maria Vallance, Edmonton, AB
National Bank Financial, Beaconsfield, QC
Aida Filo Sandvik Canada Inc, Mississauga, ON
Jason Kay, Bowmanville, ON
Ricky Benson, Brampton, ON
Staff at Cardinal Leger SS, Brampton, ON
John Bordignon, Beamsville, ON
Peter Jamieson, Toronto, ON
April Asplund, Mississauga, ON
Kurt Haas, Mississauga, ON
Dorotea Santarossa
Woodlore International
Colewood Construction Limited, Toronto, ON
Sebastian Skorski, Brampton, ON
Chris Mariani, Ajax, ON
Don Hale, Oakville, ON
Katherine Gregory, Toronto, ON
Paul & Ela, Toronto, ON
KG Narragonia, Brantford, ON
German Canadian Mardi Gras, Stoney Creek, ON
Delta Bingo, Downsview, ON
Staff Purolator Courier, Downsview Depot, ON

Dieter Wolle, Kitchener, ON
Paradigm Quest - Karen Gregory, Toronto, ON
Technical Concrete Solutions - Rob Giordano

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