Aunt Eadie

This eulogy was written and read at the funeral by Eric’s Aunt Eadie. She, her son Bradley and Neil (Eric’s Uncle and Godfather) flew in from BC on the Sunday – approximately 14 hours before Eric passed away. And while they obviously hoped to find Eric in better health, we can’t help but think that he waited for them to arrive.


Today we are here to honour Eric and pay our respects

At the same time, we are here to celebrate Eric and the person he was

They say that everyone has a guardian angel and that angels live in heaven…Well, we all had our angel here on earth with us…Our angel was Eric.

He was an outstanding young man who lived with honour in all his words and actions

He touched each and everyone of us with his passion, humour, courage and capacity for understanding and love.

Eric embraced life and was a devoted son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, and friend. His love was ferocious and unconditional.

Always shy and unassuming, Eric stood tall amongst us in his confidence and beliefs. He was generous with his time and would always willingly lend a hand to those he loved. He brought joy to our lives through his carefree wild sense of humour and unselfishly put our needs before his. He taught us about everyday living.

We all know of his love of animals especially his dogs and how he would be an advocate when their antics caused havoc resulting in tears and laughter with each mishap.

In his early years he was mischevious, fun-loving, focused and daring…be it playing hockey, soccer, or hanging out with his friends. We all know of his stuborn streak – He knew instinctively the right path and would always be the mediator and negotiator in times of conflict.

He fought his greatest battle these past 2 years with determination and courage. In addition to his family and friends, Eric was blessed with two angels in his life, his aunt Kara and step mom Toni who where his champions as he fought cancer…and what a battle it was. He was touched and awed by the support from all of you for your fund-raising, contributions and love. And though the two trips to Texas clearly did not result in the miracle we hoped for, Eric was provided a treatment plan that would not have been possible otherwise. Not only did your generous gift give Eric more time with us, it made that time better. Because until the end, Eric had unwavering hope; a quiet resolve and an unshakable certainty that all would be OK – that he was stronger than his disease. In no way, did he faulter or fail; for that hope continues to live on in all of us who loved him. He drew strength from all of you and taught us courage. Kathy and Pete you raised an amazing person.

Eric was loyal to the end. We hold him close to us and the shared memories we have are a tribute to the young man he was and is. He lives on in our hearts forever and we are truly blessed for having had Eric in our lives. He was a teacher to all of us, a teacher of life. Honor his memory by living your life with the values he shared, let his courage give you strength and his love inspire you.

When I think of Eric, I believe in miracles… the miracle of Eric and everyone he loved.