How can I help?

We’re glad you asked.

At this point, thanks to your generous donations and a couple of fundraisers still in progress, we believe we will meet our primary goal of raising enough money to cover Eric’s consultation. We will not know the dollar amount of our secondary goal (surgery) until later this month in Texas – when the doctors inform us of Eric’s options and the costs involved.

It has always been our intention that any excess funds collected on Eric’s behalf be donated to the Fibrolamellar Foundation. We encourage you to check back often for an announcement on Phase 2 and how you can join Team Eric in accomplishing it.

Donations, however small, are greatly appreciated. With a consultation fee of $32,889 US, it’s safe to say that surgery will be ‘considerable’. This site will be updated to include the cost of surgery once we have been advised. Ballpark estimates range from 50-100K. As stated on our Disclaimer page, all donations received go directly to medical costs; travel related expenses will be paid for by Eric’s family.

*Update* Any fundraisers not posted on this site, are conducted without our knowledge or approval. If you have something in mind, please contact us – and if it fits in with our vision and goals, we’d be more than happy to promote it. We appreciate your enthusiasm.

We’ve received several suggestions and offers with regards to approaching the media. At this time, however, we’d like to keep things a bit more private and low-key (like Eric himself). Taking this appeal public was not an easy decision – taking it to the general public would be an even harder one. That said, we certainly appreciate your suggestions and enthusiasm. Media involvement has not been completely ruled out – we’re just not comfortable with it at this time.

If you visit, please check out their ‘how can I help’ section.

If a monetary donation is not possible, we thank you for taking the time to read about Eric – and Fibrolamellar. We  also appreciate your prayers 🙂

Thank you,
Team Eric

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