Mike D, pallbearer, friend

Eric, Your closest in my heart
Yet you’re far away
Missing you like crazy
Every single day.
I’m sitting here all alone
Wishing I could talk to you, I keep staring at my phone.
Everything was perfect
Thought nothing could go wrong
Feeling so heart broken
Feeling so alone.
I love you so much
My very best friend
We were gonna live our lives
Until the very end.
Memories of yesterday
Still linger in my mind
All the things you’ve done for me Ill never leave behind.
I wish that I could turn back time
So we could see your bright face shine.
Id freeze that moment And hold it tight
Everything would be so perfect
Everything would be so right.
As the days turn into months Months turn into years
I will always miss you I wish that you were here.
You’ll always be missed
Your forever in my heart
I will never forget The day we had to part.
So until the day That we can meet again
Good-bye for now My true best friend.
R.I.P Eric Haas
Gone But Never Forgotten