Wednesday’s Update

My apologies for the late update. Quite honestly I’ve been procrastinating.

The good news – the tornado watch issued for Texas did not extend to the downtown Houston area (though we did have a fantastic thunder/lightening storm and a torrential downpour). 6 inches was expected – but it blew over by late afternoon (while we were picking up some groceries at Target).

The bad news – Dr Vauthey did not give us an operation date today. He does not believe that surgery is an option for Eric right now. However, we will be meeting with Dr Kaseb tomorrow at 10:00 am. An oncologist quite familiar with Fibrolamellar, Dr Kaseb will be giving us options on how to ‘debulk’ the tumours (shrinking them to the point that they MAY be operable).

Clearly, it was not the best news we could have received – but we remain optimistic – and are eager to hear what Dr Kaseb has to offer (and better yet, how it might benefit Eric).

Your thoughts and prayers continue to carry us.
We miss you family and friends – but have no doubt that we are where we need to be.
Good night and thank you <3