A few photos

A month has passed already. A month of grieving, of healing, of precious memories invoking tears and laughter. 

Below are a few photos from Eric’s funeral. The family greatly appreciates the incredible turnout and support during this most difficult time – and are comforted to know how many lives Eric touched; how many people he inspired. Should anyone wish to add a eulogy, please email us at ericsfight@gmail.com

Leaving Wards

Leaving Wards

Leaving Wards

Leaving Wards

Leaving Wards

Assumption Cemetery

Assumption Cemetery

Assumption Cemetery

St Anne's

St Anne's

Eric's Dad lays a rose

Eric's Dad lays a rose

Good bye and God Bless Son

Good Bye and God Bless Son

One Journey Ends; Another Begins

Has it really been a whole week? So surreal.
It’s Monday, 6:00 am. At exactly this time a week ago, Eric drifted off in our arms; peacefully leaving this world for a better one. And, for once, even though I’ve had ample time to think about it, I am at a loss for words. I started typing at 02:00am – pouring my heart out about how empty my heart and house feels. But wait – this site has never been about negativity. Eric never felt sorry for himself – so neither should we who miss him.

It was hard, yet heartwarming – to see the outpouring of love on Thursday and Friday. Former teachers – neighbours – so many friends; old and new –  and of course family (who appreciate your support more than you can possibly imagine – both over the past week and past two years).

When first creating this website, we had a clear goal in mind. Obviously, we didn’t achieve that goal in it’s entirety. However, our trips to MD Anderson in Texas – made possible by everyone who’s travelled this journey with us – were by no means a failure. ‘You have not failed until you stop trying’. Because of your generosity, Eric benefited from a chemo protocol that (locally) was unheard of (as was his rare cancer; Fibrolamellar). This treatment plan gave Eric a bit more time with us, and more importantly; the gift of hope. Eric did not cry for himself – but more than once, he was moved to tears by the tremendous support he received.

We were all blessed to have witnessed such determination and courage. And we can honour Eric’s memory by never taking life – or those we love – for granted.

Thank you all – for your support, kindness, generosity and prayers.
And thank you Eric – for enriching our lives with your beautiful spirit.
You will live on in our hearts forever sweet angel.
In Eric’s memory, a donation will be made to the Fibrolamellar Foundation (details to follow).

With a heavy heart ….

…. I must post news that I hoped I’d never have to.

At approximately 6 am this morning (Monday), in the arms of – and surrounded by –  family expressing their love and encouraging him to close his eyes and rest, Eric peacefully did so.

Godspeed beautiful angel. You will forever be in our memories and our hearts.

The following arrangements have been made:
Viewing: Thursday, October 25th; 1:00 – 3:00 pm & 5 – 8:00 pm
Ward Funeral Home
52 Main Street South  Brampton

Service: Friday, October 26th; 10:30 am (this is now a confirmed time)
St Anne’s Church
115 Vodden Street East  Brampton

Burial to follow:
Assumption Cemetery
6933 Tomken Rd, Mississauga

The immediate family has decided to hold a private gathering following Eric’s funeral.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to www.fibrofoundation.org or the oncology department at Brampton Hospital (I will call tomorrow and post further details on this).

Thanks to all who supported Team Eric throughout this journey.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Eric had not one, but two turkey dinners. He’s feeling OK overall, but is now experiencing some swelling in his leg/foot. The nurse confirmed that it’s fluid build up, so we’re keeping an eye on it and will call Dr Reingold Tuesday morning – with hopes that he can bump up the appointment scheduled for the 15th. There are several remedies to this common complication – and I’m sure one of them will resolve the issue.

I want to share a video recently published and posted online by the Fibrolamellar Foundation. This privately run organization works tirelessly towards finding a cure – was very much involved in funding the first EVER clinical trial specifically for FHC – and has been very supportive to me personally. Many of the faces seen in the video belong to an online group that has also been an invaluable source of encouragement and information. I am proud to call these warriors friends. Some of the video was shot during an FHC get-together (that we weren’t able to attend because of our trip to Texas). Sadly, some of the beautiful young people featured in the video are no longer with us. For them, for Eric – we must continue to fight, create awareness – and search for a cure. And yes, we have been in touch with Dr Abou-Alfa regarding the clinical trial at MSK in New York.

Keep on Tuckin’
Godspeed Kayte

Home Sweet Home

My apologies for the delayed update.
Eric was released yesterday afternoon feeling SO much better than when he went in on Monday. Two days of excellent care by the great staff on the oncology ward at Brampton Hospital did him a world of good.

A hospital bed had been delivered and set up by the time Eric’s Aunt Kara brought him home and an occupational therapist arrived soon after for a brief visit. A CCAC nurse will be out later today to instruct us on the pump that Eric now wears – and will drop by every three days (to check the battery and refill I assume). It’s a much better (and consistent) form of pain management (though will take some getting used to wearing). Most importantly, Eric is feeling good, eating well and very mobile.

Our next appointment with the oncologist is October 15th.
Thank you for your continued support – and the prayers are definitely working!

Day…. I mean, night #2

Eric’s second (and last!) day of hospitalization is almost behind us. Everything has gone extremely well. Eric is feeling (and eating) much better, enjoyed visits from family and friends – and is looking forward to going home tomorrow.

As expected, two days of IV medication, fluids and anti nauseants (sp?) has put Eric back on the right path.

Thanks to all who continue to keep Eric in their thoughts and prayers.


Not as alarming as it sounds – really

Ok, so it’s 3:19 am and I’m updating from Eric’s hospital room. But, hang on, it’s all good. This was NOT an emergency admittance. On Friday, at Eric’s scheduled appointment, the oncologist suggested Eric spend a couple of days in the hospital – to work on increasing his weight and improving his pain management (IV instead of numerous pills).

Stubborn a-hole that he is (the doctor’s term of endearment) Eric decided to spend the weekend at home – then go in on Monday. So, at 2pm, he was admitted and wired up.

Eric very much appreciates the support and concern, but requests no surprise visitors please. The goal is to get some rest – plus we expect this to be a very short hospital stay. In a few days, Eric will be released feeling much stronger.

Thanks as always for the prayers and support. I will update daily until Eric is released.


Mission Accomplished

Eric completed his 5th and final radiation session today! (technically yesterday now – we’re nodding off to Big Brother After Dark; guaranteed to put any night owl to sleep. Dan, how could you?)

The Credit Valley radiation department has a kinda cool (optional) send off for it’s patients. Mounted outside each of the 5 or 6 radiation rooms is a large (and loud) bicycle horn. On the last day of treatment, patients are encouraged to honk the horn – which results in an even louder round of applause from any nearby staff and fellow patients in the waiting room.

On our way out, the techs told Eric about it – so I slowed the wheelchair down (used only this day because he was tired) – and was somewhat surprised when he honked the horn (he’s really not a ‘toot my own horn’ kinda kid – nor one to draw attention to himself). But, the applause was well deserved, appreciated and (for me anyway) emotional.

Thanks to the great staff of Credit Valley Hospital; we appreciate your kindness, efficiency and cheap parking rates (even if we weren’t huge fans of the $3.99 all day breakfast)

Eric is understandably tired (a common and temporary side effect) but, as usual, in good spirits. The radiation will continue to work it’s magic for the next week or two.

Heartfelt thanks to all who continue to support Eric and the family. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

Day 3 – check

So today’s radiation session wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s – but still didn’t go as smoothly as Friday’s. The tricky part is getting Eric into a comfortable position – that will still give the radiation beam optimal access to the targetted area.

Eric, as usual, handled it better than anyone could possibly expect. Watching him on the monitor, as the radiation machine does it’s slow rotation, the 5 minutes seems excruciatingly slow – so I can’t imagine how slowly the time crawls by for Eric. But afterwards, he makes a quick recovery – and today we hung around and had a (healthy) bite to eat.

Eric’s appetite has obviously been effected – so he eats smaller meals more frequently. Yesterday, we enjoyed our fave; Mandarin (sorry Kandis, wish you were here lol)

Only 2 more days to go – we’re much better at navigating the hospital and directing the tech’s on the positioning of the pillows. We’re usually in and out within an hour (a big difference from the 6 hour days of chemo). Tomorrow’s appointment is our only early one; 10 am, so it’s off to bed.

Thank you all for your continued support.
Good night 🙂