Day 3 – check

So today’s radiation session wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s – but still didn’t go as smoothly as Friday’s. The tricky part is getting Eric into a comfortable position – that will still give the radiation beam optimal access to the targetted area.

Eric, as usual, handled it better than anyone could possibly expect. Watching him on the monitor, as the radiation machine does it’s slow rotation, the 5 minutes seems excruciatingly slow – so I can’t imagine how slowly the time crawls by for Eric. But afterwards, he makes a quick recovery – and today we hung around and had a (healthy) bite to eat.

Eric’s appetite has obviously been effected – so he eats smaller meals more frequently. Yesterday, we enjoyed our fave; Mandarin (sorry Kandis, wish you were here lol)

Only 2 more days to go – we’re much better at navigating the hospital and directing the tech’s on the positioning of the pillows. We’re usually in and out within an hour (a big difference from the 6 hour days of chemo). Tomorrow’s appointment is our only early one; 10 am, so it’s off to bed.

Thank you all for your continued support.
Good night 🙂