Day 1 – check

It’s just after midnight, but so as not to confuse myself, I’m still going to say ‘today’.

Today’s radiation went much better than expected. Based on how uncomfortable Eric was during the ‘trial run’, I’d called beforehand to see if they could possibly give him a shot of something for pain relief (which they agreed to).

Eric, not surprisingly, opted to try it without taking anything extra for pain – and because they had him propped up in a more comfortable position, easily managed to do without. The actual radiation only lasted about 5 minutes. Eric didn’t even realize they’d started the radiation at that point (thinking they were still setting up) so was pleasantly surprised to hear it was over so quickly.

Even missing our turn on the way back (avoiding the 410), we managed to get home shortly after 4. And perhaps it’s only in our heads, but Eric seems to look and feel better than he did that morning.

Monday is Day 2 – and the technician told us that it should get even quicker as the week progresses. Short of just shooting him with one of those guns at Laserquest, I can’t see how – but it sounds good to us.

We’ll keep you posted next week. Have a great weekend everyone!