Mission Accomplished

Eric completed his 5th and final radiation session today! (technically yesterday now – we’re nodding off to Big Brother After Dark; guaranteed to put any night owl to sleep. Dan, how could you?)

The Credit Valley radiation department has a kinda cool (optional) send off for it’s patients. Mounted outside each of the 5 or 6 radiation rooms is a large (and loud) bicycle horn. On the last day of treatment, patients are encouraged to honk the horn – which results in an even louder round of applause from any nearby staff and fellow patients in the waiting room.

On our way out, the techs told Eric about it – so I slowed the wheelchair down (used only this day because he was tired) – and was somewhat surprised when he honked the horn (he’s really not a ‘toot my own horn’ kinda kid – nor one to draw attention to himself). But, the applause was well deserved, appreciated and (for me anyway) emotional.

Thanks to the great staff of Credit Valley Hospital; we appreciate your kindness, efficiency and cheap parking rates (even if we weren’t huge fans of the $3.99 all day breakfast)

Eric is understandably tired (a common and temporary side effect) but, as usual, in good spirits. The radiation will continue to work it’s magic for the next week or two.

Heartfelt thanks to all who continue to support Eric and the family. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.