Not as alarming as it sounds – really

Ok, so it’s 3:19 am and I’m updating from Eric’s hospital room. But, hang on, it’s all good. This was NOT an emergency admittance. On Friday, at Eric’s scheduled appointment, the oncologist suggested Eric spend a couple of days in the hospital – to work on increasing his weight and improving his pain management (IV instead of numerous pills).

Stubborn a-hole that he is (the doctor’s term of endearment) Eric decided to spend the weekend at home – then go in on Monday. So, at 2pm, he was admitted and wired up.

Eric very much appreciates the support and concern, but requests no surprise visitors please. The goal is to get some rest – plus we expect this to be a very short hospital stay. In a few days, Eric will be released feeling much stronger.

Thanks as always for the prayers and support. I will update daily until Eric is released.