Scan results etc.

Sorry for being so lax in updating.
We went to see Dr Reingold for the results of Eric’s scans on Friday. Overall, the news was good; Eric is again ‘stable’. There’s been ‘slight improvement’ in the size of the tumours (and perhaps more importantly, no new growth). It may not be the ‘significant response’ that the doctor’s in Texas want to see in order to approve surgery – but we’re definitely on the right track. Other good news – Dr Reingold is recommending radiation (which Eric did get ‘significant response’ from last time).

MD Anderson had initially set an appointment for Eric the last week of July – and again for August 3rd. However, it’s more cost effective to send down the CD of the MRI and CT scan – have the doctors review it – and take it from there. If they believe surgery is an option at this time, the three of us will be more than happy to make a third trip to Texas. After reviewing the scans, Dr’s Kaseb and Vauthey will decide the next step (be it surgery, more chemo or radiation). They will then consult with Eric’s local oncologist, Dr Reingold (who’s been extremely open in following the expertise of doctors more familiar with FHC).

More good news; Eric is the proud Dad of the most adorable little puppy; Marley. He continues to do well – eat well – and enjoy visiting with his friends (Eric, not the puppy ;-)). At our appointment last Friday, everyone remarked on how well Eric looked.
Shout out to Michael; another remarkable young man fighting (and winning) the good fight. We’re behind you 100%!

Thanks as always to everyone who’s keeping Eric in their thoughts and prayers – it’s working!