Overdue Updates

My apologies for falling behind on keeping the blog updated.

It’s just after midnight, but ‘today’, Eric completed Day 2 (of 4); Round 1 of 3. Friday will be his last day of treatment, with the next round to begin the first week of June (and presumably the final one to follow in July). Once again Eric is undergoing one of the most aggressive chemotherapy plans possible; a 4 drug combination that the oncologists at MD Anderson suggested he be admitted to hospital for. I’m extremely happy to report that Eric is tolerating this treatment incredibly well. Obviously, it’s no picnic – but considering how severe the side effects usually are (and could be), I’m nothing short of astounded by how well Eric is doing (even grabbing a bite at the cafeteria before we head home).

More fundraisers are in the works (and will be announced soon) – if you’re planning anything, please feel free to email us so that we can promote it – and give proper credit and gratitude for your hard work.

Thanks to YOUR generous donations, over $78,000 has been raised thus far! $32,889 was used for the initial consultation in January – and we just received a bill for April’s visit; $12,398. Alarming – but that figure should be reduced – to deduct the cost of the scans Eric did NOT have during his consultation (though they were scheduled and factored into the consultation fee). In case anyone’s curious, the cost of an MRI is $8915 and a CT scan is $1994. Obviously, we will be doing scans at Brampton Civic whenever possible (and sending/taking the CD’s to Texas for review).

It’s getting a bit late – so please check tomorrow’s blog update – to read how OHIP justified ‘declining’ out-of-country service for Eric. It’s really quite creative – incredibly disappointing – and somewhat nauseating. Submit an appeal? You bet your @zz!

Good night all – and thanks once again for keeping Eric in your thoughts and prayers.