Texas bound again y’all

Eric continues to improve and become more his old self every day – and will be starting his second round of chemotherapy on March 6th.
After his third and final session, we’ll be heading back to MD Anderson in Texas – for scans on April 25th – and an appointment with Dr Kaseb (an oncologist quite familiar with Fibrolamellar) on April 26th.

We have faith that the scans will indicate enough ‘debulking’ to make surgery an option.

Once again, Dr Reingold will be applying to OHIP for pre-approval for out-of-country service (which will include letters written by the two Ontario surgeons who declined operating on Eric). We will also be submitting letters from Dr’s Vauthey and Kaseb (supporting surgery as the best treatment for FHC whenever possible) – as well as other supporting documentation of case studies to this effect.

So – at this point, it’s ‘wait and see’. Either way, our flight is booked – the appointments are set – and we are all eager to get to Texas (where it will be nice and warm by the end of April). This time we’ll be packing sunscreen and swimsuits!

Thanks to all who continue to offer donations, support and prayers!

Gala Photos

Sorry for not updating lately – but I’m happy to report that no news is good news.

Eric continues to do well during this resting period between chemo sessions (‘resting’ being the operative word). But other than extreme fatigue, he’s done very well with regards to side effects. His high spirits (and hair) remain intact. We remain humbled by – and grateful for – the continued support, donations and prayers.

Here’s a few photos from the Gala (thanks to Epic Events!!)

Mississauga Convention Center

The Venue

Everyone on the dancefloor 'we love Eric'

We Love Eric!!

Epic Events

Epic Events Team

Kandis, Eric's Sister

Kandis, Eric's sister

Sydney, Eric's sister and I

Sydney, Eric's sister and I

Prize Winner

Prize Winner

Prize Winner

Prize Winner

Prize Winner; Eric's cousin Alexis and Chris

Prize Winner; Eric's cousin Alexis and Chris

Prize Winner; Eric's cousin Lourdes and Joe

Prize Winner; Eric's cousin Lourdes and Joe

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s the ‘We Love Eric’ Shout Out from Saturday’s Gala. I’ll post more video when it becomes available. I believe you must be logged into facebook to view it. I will see if it’s possible to get the file itself (for those 2 or 3 people who aren’t on facebook).
*warning* I suggest turning your volume down ;-()

The Events Page has been updated to include a pasta fundraiser held by the wonderful staff of St Anne’s Catholic School (who raised $455!) Thank you!

The Events Page also now includes details for The Fight for Eric Aerobathon on March 4th. So please check it out and contact Tia for more information. Get fit – and help the cause!

Oh – and I did finally manage to add the rest of the German translated pages. Sie können unter Über uns finden. (‘Found Under About Us’ according to Google Translate)

*Team Eric* wristbands will soon be on sale.

Thank You Epic Events!

The Eric Haas Charity Fundraiser was an incredible night – and a great success!
Thanks to Mariusz, Kayla and Daniela; Epic Events – $11,000 was raised!!

I can’t quite put into words how overwhelming it was; the support and love in that room.

Dinner was great – some fantastic prizes were won. Highlights included a touching (yet funny) speech given by Eric’s sister Kandis (love you!!). And I nearly lost it when EVERYONE in the room gathered on the dancefloor – to raise a glass for Eric. Hundreds of people shouting ‘We love you Eric!’ in unison. I’ve never heard anything so inspiring and empowering. More moving than any love song could ever be. I’ll never forget it.

It was great to meet so many of Team Eric’s supporters (which I won’t name for fear of leaving anyone out). But I must thank Maria, Peter and family for the beautiful flowers for Kara and I; such a nice surprise. And Tia, who’s event I will be posting tomorrow. Stay tuned ….

Eric has seen some of the video – as well as photos posted on facebook (linked on the events page; Epic Events). He so appreciates all the work that went into this event – and is very grateful for the support. Obviously he’s sorry he wasn’t able to attend – but thanks everyone who did.

I’ll be posting a list of sponsors (who were SO generous in providing raffle prizes) – as well as some photos soon.

Thanks again to Epic Events – and everyone who made the night such a success!!

Much love
*Team Eric*

Chemotherapy done!

Yay! Eric has now completed his 4 day course of chemotherapy. One down – 2 to go; the next one starting March 5th.
It was a boring week (6 hours per day in a chair – comfy as it is) – but Eric, as usual, handled it without complaint.
He’s feeling relatively well so far – and is taking medication to help counteract the side effects that accompany this treatment.
Thank you for the continued support and prayers.
We hope those attending tonight’s Gala have a great time – and arrive home safely!

Day 1 of 4

Eric started his first course of chemotherapy today. The plan now is to do 3 courses (over 3 months) instead of 2.
It was quite a long day – but relatively relaxed and uneventful (if not a tad boring). We arrived at 08:30 and were out of the hospital by 3:00 (stopping for a bite to eat in the cafeteria on our way out).

The next 3 days shouldn’t be quite as time consuming (as extra time was taken today with everything being explained to us, documentation/instructions provided – plus Eric chose to keep the IV line in so he won’t have to have to be jabbed every morning.

Multiple prescriptions (to combat possible side effects) have been provided – and we’re optimistic that Eric will handle the treatment as well as he has everything else thus far. Also, thanks to generous donations, he’ll be able to have the delux $3,500 anti-nausea injection on (I believe) the last day (for that price it should certainly be effective!)

Special thanks to Eric’s cousin, Lourdes Jorge from Cambridge – who hosted a fundraising buffet on February 5th – and raised over $2,400! Thanks to Lourdes – and to everyone who enjoyed a great meal for a great cause!

Happy February

Thanks to all of YOU, we’ve raised approximately $45,000! Astounding!

The balance (minus the consultation fee) is in the bank – and will go towards Eric’s chemo treatment (if not fully covered by OHIP) – the tests,scans etc. to be done in Texas in March – and, if our prayers are answered, surgery!!

Our next appointment here is February 10th; when we expect to get the chemo start date.

Please continue to keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you
*Team Eric*