Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Eric had not one, but two turkey dinners. He’s feeling OK overall, but is now experiencing some swelling in his leg/foot. The nurse confirmed that it’s fluid build up, so we’re keeping an eye on it and will call Dr Reingold Tuesday morning – with hopes that he can bump up the appointment scheduled for the 15th. There are several remedies to this common complication – and I’m sure one of them will resolve the issue.

I want to share a video recently published and posted online by the Fibrolamellar Foundation. This privately run organization works tirelessly towards finding a cure – was very much involved in funding the first EVER clinical trial specifically for FHC – and has been very supportive to me personally. Many of the faces seen in the video belong to an online group that has also been an invaluable source of encouragement and information. I am proud to call these warriors friends. Some of the video was shot during an FHC get-together (that we weren’t able to attend because of our trip to Texas). Sadly, some of the beautiful young people featured in the video are no longer with us. For them, for Eric – we must continue to fight, create awareness – and search for a cure. And yes, we have been in touch with Dr Abou-Alfa regarding the clinical trial at MSK in New York.

Keep on Tuckin’
Godspeed Kayte