Home Sweet Home

My apologies for the delayed update.
Eric was released yesterday afternoon feeling SO much better than when he went in on Monday. Two days of excellent care by the great staff on the oncology ward at Brampton Hospital did him a world of good.

A hospital bed had been delivered and set up by the time Eric’s Aunt Kara brought him home and an occupational therapist arrived soon after for a brief visit. A CCAC nurse will be out later today to instruct us on the pump that Eric now wears – and will drop by every three days (to check the battery and refill I assume). It’s a much better (and consistent) form of pain management (though will take some getting used to wearing). Most importantly, Eric is feeling good, eating well and very mobile.

Our next appointment with the oncologist is October 15th.
Thank you for your continued support – and the prayers are definitely working!