An update – finally!

Let’s start with OHIP.
The application for pre-approval for ‘out of country service’ was DECLINED on two clauses;
To paraphrase – 1) the treatment requested (or any treatment for that matter) is deemed “experimental” and 2) is not deemed suitable for someone in Eric’s condition (in Canada).

So – despite all the documentation we submitted; the case studies and abstracts – stating that surgery is the best course of treatment for Fibrolamellar – despite the letters from Dr’s Kaseb and Vauthey (at MD Anderson in Texas) as well as Eric’s oncologist (stating the same) – and despite the fact that Dr Vauthey has performed several surgeries on FHC patients (successfully) – OHIP will, under no circumstances, fund Eric’s operation (should he be eligible).

I had the pleasure of meeting with another young man who was diagnosed with FHC (from Ontario). He has been operated on twice by Dr Vauthey (and was, in fact, the one who referred us to MDA) – and was twice declined coverage by OHIP. I’m happy to report that he is now in good health (though years later, still fighting his OHIP appeal!)

Treatment for FHC is deemed experimental in Canada, because there are no oncologists with any experience treating it. Dr Vauthey, I’m sure, will laugh when I inform him that a surgery he’s performed many times, is considered ‘experimental’. It is a fact, not an opinion, that surgery is the standard goal of any patient diagnosed with FHC.

As for Eric’s ‘condition’, I can only assume that because his cancer has spread, they would not consider him a good ‘investment’. Fortunately, YOU do. And thanks to your generosity (and NO thanks to the Canadian Government), Eric WILL have surgery if eligible. OHIP is not factoring in the ‘condition’ of Eric’s strength, determination and courage.

Day 1 of chemo was Tuesday (we pushed it back a day to take Eric’s dog to the vet. Unfortunately, Sam died en route – and despite the best efforts of the vet who worked on her for 20 minutes, we were just too late to save her. Godspeed sweet Sam. You’ll be missed). Eric slept through most of today’s treatment (and OK, I may have nodded off for an hour or so too). So far – so good. No surprise – Eric is very predictable in his ability to soldier on.

I have an event to announce; Denise is hosting a Garage/Bake sale in benefit of Team Eric!
32 ASHWOOD Cres.
Behind Avondale Plaza, near Bramalea Rd. and Steeles area.
Date, Sat. June 16 from 8am-4pm.

Please check the Events section tomorrow (and this time I really mean tomorrow, not next week).

Thank you!