Garage/Bake Sale Update.

The garage/bake sale in benefit of Eric was a smashing success.

Thanks so much to all who donated – and came out to purchase items and baked goods (and by ‘goods’ I mean delicious).

An impressive $1274 was raised!

As usual Team Eric’s biggest supporters Tia and Maria were onhand to help out. Thanks especially to hostess Denise Dumas – and Dorthy Hartly & Betty Taillon. Anyone who’s held a garage sale is well aware of the effort it takes. When making drop offs that evening, Denise’s house looked like a combination of the TV shows Hoarders and Hell’s Kitchen.

Members of Eric’s family; his grandparents; Steve and Joan –  and co-founder of this site, Aunt Kara (along with cousins Tyra and Marcus) enjoyed meeting you all.

Thanks again!
~Team Eric~