Day 1; Round 3

Hello dear fellow fibro-fighters.
Well, not much to report – just want to let y’all know that Eric completed Day 1 of his last round of chemo today. We arrived at 8:40 (a bit late as usual) and were there until approximately 2pm. 3 more days to go!

Eric continues to soldier on incredibly. He had 6 hashbrowns for breakfast (then sent me down for another 5 before they stopped serving at 10:30 am) – for a grand total of 11! Shout out to Brampton Civic’s morning caf lady (who let’s just say always takes ‘extra’ special care of Eric). Point is, Eric has a good appetite and is keeping his weight up.

Last week we went out to pick up the garage sale money from Denise (the wonderful lady who organized/hosted it) – and to thank her of course. She managed to raise more money than previously posted – $1,297! Her hard work (along with Dorthy and Betty) is greatly appreciated.
It was our pleasure to meet you (and your adorable jumping dog 😉

Stay cool
Eric and family remain grateful for your continued support and prayers.

~Team Eric~