Hello :-)

Just another quick update.

Today was registration, blood work and an EKG. Eric passed all with flying colours (or colors if you’re in the States).

Because Eric did a CT scan just a few days before leaving, he didn’t have to do the one scheduled for 6:40 this evening. Yay! So – we’re all just relaxing; looking forward to meeting with Dr Vauthey at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

Miss you all. Kids get to bed!
Will update tomorrow when we know more.

The Latest

Thanks to your support, we’re half way there! Over $15,000 has been raised through your generous donations. Check the Thank You page for a list of donours. We’re well on our way to meeting our primary goal!

We remain optimistic that more fundraising will be needed to achieve our secondary goal; surgery for Eric.

Please be advised that any fundraisers not posted on this site, are conducted without our knowledge or approval. If you have something in mind, please contact us – and if it fits in with our vision and goals, we’d be more than happy to promote it. We very much appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to hearing from you.

News and Updates

Donations are off to a quick start – and we’re very pleased to announce that over $3,500 has been received within the first two days!

Donour’s names will soon be appearing on our ‘Thank You’ page. In the meantime, we remain most grateful for your kind support and best wishes. Within the next few days, we’ll also be providing visitors the option of sending Eric a personal message.

Thank you all so much. Please continue to spread the word – and check this page often for news and updates.

*Team Eric*