Coming Home

Our appointment with Dr Vauthey’s assistant, Steven, also went very well. He verified that more chemo would likely be recommended – and will have Dr Vauthey review the slides as soon as possible – then forward the chemo plan to Eric’s local oncologist. Steven talked about surgery ‘resetting the clock’ for Eric; so while it’s not a go right now, they (and we) are optimistic that it WILL be possible in the near future.

Apart from the tests and appointments, the three of us have thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company – the sun – and our time in Texas. Why, yes, I did get a sunburn!

We’ll be flying back before noon tomorrow – and very much look forward to seeing our family!

Thanks to all – your support continues to carry us through.

Greetings from Houston

Hi all.

We just got back from a late dinner at the Olive Garden (after another trip to Target this afternoon)

So – about this morning’s appointment. It wasn’t the best news – but overall, it’s positive. Eric’s scans indicate that he’s ‘stable’ – there’s been no significant growth (which is awesome). On the negative side, there hasn’t been enough shrinkage (of the tumours) to proceed with surgery at this point. However, Dr Kaseb was impressed with how well Eric tolerated the chemotherapy (keep in mind that this is the most aggressive treatment offered – and that they recommended he be admitted to hospital, as opposed to doing it as an out-patient). With surgery still very much the goal, Eric will continue with chemotherapy to accomplish this.

Tomorrow, at 09:30, we look forward to meeting with Dr Vauthey’s assistant Steven Wei (who should have more insight regarding the possibility of future surgery).

The three of us are exhausted – but otherwise in great spirits and very much enjoying our time together in sunny Texas. Continued thanks. We’ll keep you posted.
Good night y’all

Howdy from Texas y’all

My apologies for not updating yesterday. The Internet connection has been off and on.

After a 2.75 hour flight, we landed safely and spent our first night relaxing and settling in; hitting Target for buns, cold cuts and assorted snacks (all healthy of course ;-). As Eric had to check in for bloodwork at 7:15 today (Wednesday morning), we had to get on the 06:30 shuttle – so did our best to get a good night’s rest (which 1 of us managed to do, while the other 2 watched the Food Channel until 03:00).

Today was scans, scans and more scans. And it was a tough day – especially of course for Eric (who was required to lay in the MRI machine for 2 hours; as he had back to back scans on his chest, then abdomen). But now that the hard part is out of the way, the next 2 days will be meetings with the doctors for the results.

We spent the afternoon reading by the pool. It was a delightful 31 degrees; breezy – though the pool was a bit too cold for any of us to dive into.

Tomorrow (Thursday), we’ll be on the 08:00 shuttle – off to meet with Dr Kaseb; who’ll let us know where things stand – and what will be the next step in Eric’s treatment plan.

Thanks for checking in. I’ll keep you posted!!!

Buh bye snow!

Snow!? Really?

So, we are flying out at 3:00 pm today – and very much looking forward to 29 degrees and sunshine.

Eric had an appointment yesterday with his local oncologist – and while there’s been no formal response from OHIP, Dr Reingold told us that in the 20 years he’s been practicising, he’s never had a patient approved for out-of-country-service (so it’s a safe bet we’re not getting a ‘yes’ in the next 3 hours).

Dr Vauthey (the surgeon we consulted with) is not on shift this week (though he will be reviewing Eric’s ‘slides’ when he returns). Instead, on the 26th, we are again meeting with Dr Kaseb (the oncologist familiar with FHC). But first, Eric is scheduled for a day of scans; a CT in the morning and an MRI in the afternoon. Then, on the 27th, we have an appointment with Dr Vauthey’s assistant, Steven (who we also met last visit). At this time, we should be advised on the results of the chemotherapy.

Thanks for your continued support! I’ll update when we’re landed and settled in Texas y’all 🙂

Happy Easter

I’m thrilled to announce that Eric has now completed his last round of chemo.
He handled it throughout with the quiet resolve and bravery he’s displayed since day one; never complaining or wavering in his belief that he will beat this. Optimism and spirits run high – and those along for the journey have learned valuable lessons. Life is to be enjoyed to it’s fullest – each day is a gift. Family, friends and loved ones are to be cherished and never taken for granted. One doesn’t necessarily have to perform heroic acts to be a hero.
We look forward to returning to Texas on April 24th – and, as always, are incredibly thankful for the support that makes it all possible.
Happy Easter! <3

Round 3. Day 2.

Just a quick update.
Eric continues to do incredibly well. Tomorrow (or I guess today as it’s just after midnight), is Day 3. We’ve got it all down now – figured out the best place to put the IV (so Eric can keep his line in overnight to avoid the trial and error of being pricked every morning).
Appetite is good – he’s handling this round even better than the last.

A few entries ago, I advised that Dr Reingold had submitted a comprehensive appeal for pre-aproval for out of country service. Unfortunately (and for reasons none of us are clear on) OHIP has asked him to resubmit the request. So, while we haven’t technically been declined, we’re not overly optimistic we’ll get approval before we leave on the 24th. However, thanks to all of YOU, we’re able to proceed with the plan – and get Eric the best care and treatment possible. Texas – here we come!

Our gratitude continues – as does your generous support, positive messages and prayers.

Thank you
*Team Eric*

Belated Aerobathon Results and Pics

My apologies for the delay in posting this. I thought I’d published it for everyone to see – but due to a faulty internet connection (from a certain ISP that shall rename nameless – but whose name rhymes with an LA baseball team), it seems I only THOUGHT I posted it.

The Aerobathon organizers would like to thank all those involved, the Instructors, the Vendors, the participants, the helpers, all those who donated without participating. Too many people to mention by name. But 2 exceptions need to be made. First her Worship Mayor Susan Fennell, because without her sponsorship the event could not have happened, and second the team of Maria and Victoria Benson for collecting $1960 in donations. Such an amazing effort deserves our special “Thank You”.

Thank you Tia! Everyone’s hard work – and sweat – this time literally – definitely paid off. $4751 was raised for Eric’s Fight!

Eric continues to do very well. His appetitie and weight are increasing.
We are optimistic, no positive – that the chemotherapy is doing it’s job. Eric would NOT even be taking this particular chemo ‘cocktail’ had your generous donations not covered the expense of the initial consultation in Texas – and the one to come in April.
And for that, Eric and family will never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough.
We are truly blessed.

Below are a few photos of the Aerobathon!

Cardinal Leger Rocks!!

This morning, we met with Father Terry, Cardinal Leger’s Chaplain.
He said he had a check for us, but gave no hint or warning that it’s staggering amount would render us virtually speechless.

Combined with an earlier staff donation, Cardinal Leger has now raised over $12,000 for Eric’s Fight. In addition, we were presented with 2 banners (one 34 feet long that the staff and students had covered with signatures and supportive messages; truly inspiring. I’m glad I didn’t read it there as I’d have been a blubbering idiot). If I’m not able to post any of the pictures taken this morning, I’ll take a photo of it myself. It was also nice to meet a few of the students involved with the organizing of the fundraisers. Your time and energy is very much appreciated. Best of all, Eric was able to come with us, to thank everyone in person.

So, thanks again Cardinal Leger and Father Terry!

Eric’s last day of chemo (this round) is tomorrow. He seems to have tolerated this one a bit better than last – but it does make him very tired.
Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

Another Day Down

Day 2 (of 4) – session 2 (of 3) went well.
The nurses are always kind and efficient – and today we very much enjoyed the company of a couple of fellow patients – shout out to Brad and Michael (a young man Eric’s age). We wish you both the very best – and good health (and know that WILL be accomplished due to your great attitudes and humour). We’ve met so many wonderful new people through this journey.

We’re not able to directly respond to messages posted on the Guestbook – but please know that they are read and greatly appreciated!

Dr Reingold has updated us that he’s applied to OHIP for ‘pre-approval’ for ‘out of country service’. This second application includes the same information as the last (the case studies documenting that surgery is the best approach for FHC whenever possible and a compelling appeal from Dr Reingold). Added to this request is the two letters from Dr’s Hart and Colborn (stating that they will not operate on Eric) – and letters from Dr’s Vauthey and Kaseb (at MD Anderson in Texas). I have not had the opportunity to read these letters as yet, but I assume they detail their considerable experience with FHC – and future plans for Eric’s treatment. Once the application is received, OHIP will render it’s decision within 15-20 days. As we have always been cautioned that chances for approval are slim, we will be disappointed (as opposed to surprised) if this is the case. And – thanks to the incredible generosity of those who’ve joined us on this journey – we are confident that funding for surgery will be available when (not if) Eric is eligible for it.

We continue to be humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support received.
Much thanks,
Team Eric

Aerobathon Today!

As luck would have it, my Internet connection was down for a couple of days. Thankfully, a nice repairman has resolved the issue and I’m in the process of catching up on email, the guestbook etc.

A big shout out to everyone helping with – and participating in- today’s Aerobathon! Special thanks to Tia, Daniel and Liana! It would be redundant to thank you on behalf of Team Eric – as you’re such a big part OF Team Eric.

Eric continues to remain positive and grateful for the support. Tomorrow is bloodwork, followed by four days of chemo treatments Tuesday through Friday.

Thank you for keeping Eric in your thoughts and prayers!!